Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008?? - Where did '07 Go?

Wow.. new year.. same old stuff. Lots of finance type of work at work instead of working on critical IT problems. Not much motivation at home to get the Stang moving along. Same junky house and no motivation to clean it up right at least. So will 2008 be any different? Not unless I get things together. I do have some goals that I hope (need?) to get done this year so all it not hopeless.. there's just so many of them it seems overwhelming sometimes. For example just on a personal level:

2008 Goals...
  • Mustang floor pan installed, sealed and interior installed
  • Mustang trunk and rear valance fixed
  • Mustang engine balanced, built, engine bay painted and engine and trans installed
  • Rear disc brakes completed, springs replaced, and brakes working
  • Wheels and tires on the car and get it back on the ground
  • ... and the 192,432 other detail items that have to occur to get the car running again.
Other home front items?
  • Tile the kitchen, bathroom, and utility area... never tiled before, should be interesting.
  • Replace the roof.. think I'll pay someone to do this one.
  • Completely clean and organize the house including the computer room, garage, and all closets (that should take all year)
  • Paint the house.. well at least it is only trim
  • Replace the garage doors (more painting... ugh)
  • New vertical window blinds... mostly money
  • Replace faucets and drains (hard water is a killer)
  • Fix the various little things messed up around the house (porch light, patio lights, etc)
  • .... there are plenty more

Yeah.. I know, these should be in my Getting Things Done (GTD) system right. Many are, seems that has made it seem even more overwhelming sometimes. I'm still searching for the best system(s) that work for me.

Oh yeah.. 2008 goal:

  • Take down the Christmas decorations - I better get that one done before the next Christmas but no telling... :-)

- Stephen

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