Saturday, July 30, 2022

Lessons of Appreciation

It’s interesting how we tend to take things for granted in our lives. We don’t notice it until it’s gone, which is quite a shame. From relationships, to housing, jobs and careers, friendships, and family, we really do not often consider what we have until it’s gone.

When a storm recently knocked the electricity out at our house, I couldn’t count the times I automatically turned on a light switch thinking the light would come on like it always has. Luckily we have a generator that can power key portions of our house, but it’s still odd how I flick those switches in the areas that don’t have power.

One of the most common situations we take for granted is our health. When we are healthy, we don’t even consider being unhealthy. I know personally, I never had second thoughts about walking and getting around until my hips began to fail. Even today, as I recover from my second hip replacement, I watch people get up and simply walk, and immediately understand how lucky they actually are.

As I continue to improve, I hope I can remember what it was like not being able to easily walk without a cane or walker and hold that privilege closer in the future. Look around, you likely have many things are well that you won’t appreciate until they are gone. Appreciate them today, just in case.