Friday, December 31, 2021

Let the New Year Begin – Welcome 2022

Well it’s over – 2021 is past history. Good, bad, ugly, or wonderful, those times are gone and we start our new adventures now. Personally 2021 wasn’t a bad year. I did try to “enjoy every day” and tried to fill my time with as many things I like doing as possible. I was slowed down greatly by advancing osteoarthritis in the process, but kept on keeping on as best as possible. The last two weeks were the toughest with my hip replacement and starting that recovery, but again I feel I was lucky and just took each day as it came, easy or hard.

Twenty twenty one did present some insane changes around the globe. Especially scary trends towards dystopian societies with obvious government over reach forcing people to make decisions of liberty versus livelihood. Decisions people should never have to make, especially in a “free” country such as the United States. Will we recover from this in twenty twenty two, or is this the trend that is now accepted by society as the new normal? We can only hope and pray freedom and liberty wins in the end.

I continue to feel very fortunate that I have the benefit of being retired and not in the mess of choosing liberty over livelihood. I also feel lucky I live in an area that isn’t quite as insanely bent on controlling the people like many areas around our nation an world. But things can change quickly, so I plan to continue to be prepared for the worst, while planning for the best for 2022.

My goals for 2022 are pretty simple; Enjoy Every Day doing the things that I like doing as much as possible. There is likely another hip replacement in my future, but I will deal with that when I’m ready to hopefully. I love my hobbies, or interest and am thankful and happy I have the ability to work and enjoy them. My newest hobby will be learning the ropes of my little CNC router and finding uses for it, but the cars, motorcycles, 3D printers, home automation, solar power, gardening, writing, robots, electronics, bicycles, RC cars, and more will hopefully all be in the mix as well.

Welcome 2022 – Let’s get rolling and pray for the best possible outcome!