Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where's there's Progress there's Pain

I guess that stands true with me. Although I DID get the floor pans installed in the 69 Mustang including fitted, welded and seam sealed, I have paid for that it with a literal pain the back.

Last week I wasn't sure if that was the problem after getting most of the driver side done and having to get straightened up last week. But after spending a couple days finishing up the drivers, installing the passengers side and fitting and installing the seat pans I was unable to hardly stand or walk on Tuesday morning. Ended up losing a day of work over it (not good - just more to do when I get back) and stuck in a chair and in bed with loads of pain meds to make it through. The Chiro once again fixed me up but it's still not very comfortable.

Maybe that is why I have been putting that off for so long??

Oh well.. hopefully time will heal. I did get to sit in the car with an old seat in it.. first time that has occurred in a very long time.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. It is a on-going project that may never end but it sure is a fun trip. I saw that you're the original owner of yours, wow! I can appreciate it though, I hope to hold onto mine for the remainder of her lifetime, too.
Best of luck both on the road and in the garage.