Thursday, March 1, 2007

GTD Overwhelmed

Still hammering away trying to review how to get life under control. Based on the book on GTD, you should take care of ALL your open loops in one major undertaking... I can't see how anyone can do that myself.

In any manner I'm chipping away at things little by little. I have a new general filing system setup at work to put things in based on the concept and have kept my email box at zero. I have changed our work order / incident web app at work to track NEXT ACTION and future actions that flow out as the next action is completed. I hope to tackle the paper monster tomorrow and get my desk and work area cleaned up. Unfortuately this has to occur between meetings and new equipment arriving so I may likely have to make a whole new sweep of things over a weekend or something. Better than the way it is to me though.

Next is getting a handle on my 69 Mustang Project and the GoMo machine... it'll get there.

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