Friday, August 1, 2008

August Already?

Wow? It's August already - where did the summer go. I think I'll start using this as a 'What I Accomplished Blog' since I have no idea what I have accomplished over the past several months.

On the fun side we just got back from a short family trip to the lake - LittleGlasses at Texhoma. Thought it would be long since we were staying three nights but it ended quite fast. We even made it RAIN... something we do well when we go to the lake. At least we stayed in a nice three bedroom trailer instead of a tent.

The last few months have seen a few accomplishments I guess;
  • The 88 Turbocoupe is up and running with working A/C and 21+ mpg even when I hammer on it all the time.
  • I released another lego animation for the old Poodles song Toy Town People - Odd but fun little song.
  • I have most of the outdoor plants on auto-pilot watering wise now so they actually may survive.
  • I even have a small green patch of grass in front of the patio - I can handle mowing that little bit more often especially since Austin is mowing the rest ;-)
  • We changed up the patio a bit moving the old A Frame swing to the 'forest' and buying a cafe table, chairs and a small fire pit. Haven't used the fire pit yet but maybe when it gets below 100 degrees for a change.
  • We used our 25th Anniversary gift money to buy new vertical blinds and drapes for the house. Something Karen has wanted for some time now.
Sizzling summer fun - with 100+ for several days now it IS sizzling for sure.