Monday, January 8, 2024

Remembering Ginger


Remembering Ginger

January 8th, 2024

From the first time I saw your picture shared at the rescue, I told Karen we have to get this dog. I can’t say why I felt like that, it just struck my heart. We made the contacts and it wasn’t too long before you were in our home doing zoomies when you ran into our living room and into our hearts on that February 2012 day.

You were always the sweetie, but also the sneaky one, stealing toys from your brother Li. We were able to enjoy nearly twelve years with you, snuggling with you, loving you, and watching you run, play and be the active one.

Always the picky eater, you drove your brother crazy long after he had scarfed down his own food and thinking he should get yours too. You shared your love with us, but also scared us when you’d run out of the house when the front door was opened even slightly. When you disappeared from my mother’s yard one Thanksgiving day, we grieved and searched frantically until mom’s neighbor came carrying you up to us having found you in their garage.

Life is short and it was hard to watch you begin to age with kidney problems and slow down from your usual fast pace. However, each day was enjoyed and appreciated as you snuggled up in our bed at night. Once the picky eating turned into no appetite, we knew in our heads your time was near, but it still doesn’t stop the heart from hurting.

Karen snuggled you in her chair during your last days, and I carried you around our land trying to let you see the outside world you used to enjoy when you could run away  mocking us slow humans trying to catch up with you.

You enlightened our lives, kept your brother busy, and gave us unquestioned love. 

We hope you enjoyed your time with us, as much as we enjoyed it with you. We will miss you, girl.