Sunday, August 31, 2014


The end of August, the end of another summer gone in no time. Leaves beginning to fall, plans uncompleted, lawns not mowed enough, flower beds unattended, and projects still in the same status of spring. Each month seems to pass faster than the previous without warning and without slowing down. The "busy-ness" of the work week burns out the motivations of the evenings and weekends. Eat, work, recover, sleep, eat, work.... well, I guess there are more "eat" steps in there for me than there should be, but the routine is similar. I used to think that life would slow down as you age, you'd have time to appreciate it more and feel more accomplished. Not happening here at least. So much to do so little time to do it seems the standard. Time marches on, accomplishments do not. 

I do stop, however, and appreciate what I have, often. I can walk, I can work, I can play, and I do have more free time than many around the world. I have a job, I have a family, I have a house and the things that go with those the good Lord has given me. I have good health, as compared to many, which is the one of the most important of all. I actually can do things I want to do for the most part without assistance or other resources. I can even sit here wasting time writing and complaining that I don't have time to do things.... Oh, wait... I just need that time expansion tool but I don't have enough time to work on it! Oh the conundrums of life. :-)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Changes...

It's funny how changes in life seem to sneak up on you although you known it was coming for a long time....

The latest example is sending our wonderful son Austin off to college. Sure, we knew it was going to happen, knew he was going to move on to his new chapter of life and become the true adult he already was but still, it doesn't seem real until it actually occurs. We have been planning, saving, watching and listening to his plans and ideas and talking about this for some time now. Where was he going, what was he going to major in, where was he going to live and all the regular stuff. We listened more than advised and let him work out what he thought was best for the most part. Some ideas grew, others faded away, and a plan fell in place.

Sure, as a parent it's exciting to see your children turn into what you've been working, hoping and praying for the last 18 plus years or more. This is what you've wanted all along is an independent, kind, smart, generous human being that will be a positive part of this huge world. So it's done for the most part now... Sure we will be listening, advising and talking still, hopefully forever, but once they leave the safety of your home, their bedroom, it's amazing how bittersweet it can feel.

I was so sure I'd be fine with it, I'd be proud seeing him move on and take on the world.. and I am. But I'm also surprised how sad it really feels knowing this is a BIG change in OUR lives as well as his. To know he won't be home every night and I won't be waking up at 2AM to make sure the Home Automation told me the garage door opened after I went to sleep and Austin was indeed home safe and sound. Knowing he is pretty much on his own with 18,000+ other students at Oklahoma University that are creating their futures as well.

So now it's on to the college years, on to OU, on to meeting new people, making new friends and learning not just academics but how to be successful, happy and productive for the long haul.

I guess like anything it's hard letting go, but go he must hopefully always knowing he is welcome home anytime, can call, text or write and can fully expect us to be "checking in" with him more likely more often than he even desires.

Love you Austin and best wishes for your new world!