Sunday, September 9, 2007

Progress... and work...

Short weekend and lots of work. A relative has been in the hospital and needed some work done on his van and truck so my cousin's husband and I put his van back together and changed the water pump on his pickup. Was kind of nice getting greasy again... it's been a while.

We have a Finance Director at work now so I really expect to get back to the Information Systems duties and out of finance which should equate to more energy at home and more Mustang work.

The patio cover is done and all the concrete poured so I just need to some guttering and that project is done.

I did get two post holes dug for another cover I am building between some storage sheds to keep the weather off some things. For some reason that was something I REALLY didn't want to do but it only took about 30 minutes... .

Off to another week.. this one much longer than last...