Monday, March 26, 2007

Who wants more work!!

Apparently I do, I do!

With the resignation of my boss Becky Cragin, (I can't blame her at all) I have been asked to step into part of the duties of the position as an interim. I will be filling in for the Finance Director portion of the City Treasurer/Finance Director position while existing Deputy Treasurer Rhonda Masquat will fill the Treasurer position of this blended job.

Becky Cragin was a wonderful boss to work for having both the resolve and patience to work through many issues in her tenure. I always felt listened too even if the final decision was not exactly as I had proposed. I have plenty of experience in some areas of the Finance Director position having worked through Municipal budgets in the 90's and close with previous Finance Directors at my current position building most of the numbers through online code I've developed. There will be many new things to learn however, and more accounting than I might care for but so it will be. I hopefully will be a learning experience that will be used in some future endeavor I will encounter.

Go work!... lol
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