Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good, Bad and Why?

Wow.. good and bad happenings here and questions as to why.

The good rolls from the point that an individual at work that, although admired by higher ups and the public as a great resource, continued to be a thorn in the sides of most, if not all, of the other departments. Although intelligent the woman was extremely vengeful and over bearing attempting to dictate other departmental operations and constantly disrupting operations and efforts. She is gone, hopefully for good as she moves on to others to disrupt and 'get back at' as she has stated.

The bad comes from work as well as a good friend and coworker died in a chain-reaction car accident Friday night. Tommi Bierd, the acting Personnel Director and a wonderful lady was taken from use as she returned from a trip that evening. Tommi will sorely be missed as she was one of my greatest personal supporters in our work environment and always there to listen and help as she could. Her husband worked directly for the vengeful woman mentioned above and has been handed the job of cleaning up the aftermath. Things were going to be tough enough as it was and now he has to do this without his supporting wife. God bless him and his family.

The why, oh why? There never is an answer to that but the question remains. It always seems like the good are taken before the scornful in this world. Will we ever know the answer?

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