Thursday, March 8, 2007

GTD on my Domain

Still plugging away at getting GTD into my life. So far it feels pretty good and honestly has helped me sleep better at night knowing I think I have everything out of my head and in a tickler file, a list or filed away.

To help make it easier to track my personal list I developed my own tracking system that I can access from my home computers or from my PocketPC phone from anywhere. I hope to use this more instead of writing things down or using the Tasks side of Outlook to avoid re-duplicating the input. BUT I want to insure I do not decide I'll wait until I can input since I'll likely forget about it up front.

The list is simple but effective with Context, Next Action, Project, and a few other fields I will change as needed. Like all code I've written one can click on the heading to sort up/down and can click on the Context value to filter by that value. Clicking on the Action edits the project/action item.

I hope to use this while at home and away via the PocketPC phone to view, filter and act on my Next Action items in the context I am currently in where ever it might be.

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